Thursday, February 12, 2009

I can't watch some of this stuff

Some conspiracy videos are the truth.This makes me sad about all the videos on wtc.I will not discuss those because I don't believe there was a coverup or conspiracy.Don't be fooled or brainwashed by people with an agenda.It was said best "Think for yourself" don't lose your own point of view to angry conspiracy theorists who's goal is to get you to believe their trash.I have tried to post the ones with facts. Believe what you want but back it with facts not fiction.I may get to the others to be fair but do not trust any.Many have silver tounges but it remains rediculous to imagine that no one has discovered these secrets.Theorists are hard to watch because they actually believe what they say. I will not support any of these videos.Watch at your own risk.I am a god and USA loving American who isn't fooled by lies.If you are not intelligent enough to tell fact from fiction find something else to do!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Soul Cravings

Soul Cravings.Is a site worth reading because it will make you feel good while expanding your mind

The Alien Scientist

The Alien Scientist,is a man around 31 who has devoted much of his time to finding the truth about aliens.He has done much research on the area 51 UFO and dreams of building one.If you watch the videos you will see he is very intelligent and did real research on the subject.He answers many questions you might have about aliens.He even has research done with alien life and is very good at giving clear and factual evidence.I think the best part is how clear and easily he explains very intense subjects. Here is a link to his youtube channel watch and be amazed.Watch Now!
Also watch the channel of Melah65 another thoughtful person.